Fuel Plant-A-Tree

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Avanade Fuel Plant-A-Tree program?

The Avanade Fuel Plant-A-Tree program is a fun and simple way to let recipients donate a tree in one of many reforestation projects around the world.

How are the trees planted?

Through partnerships with various state agencies and other accredited reforestation associations. These organizations work transparently to fulfill each donation, completing a verification form upon every seasonal planting.

How do recipients receive their Plant-A-Tree?

Users will receive their unique code and website. The website provides details on each reforestation project. Upon choosing a project, users have the ability to connect with Facebook and share their experience courtesy of Avanade.

Does the promo code expire?

Yes, promo codes will expire one year from the issue date. The Avanade Fuel Plant-A-Tree 2023 promo codes will expire May 12, 2024.

Who do I contact for assistance with this program?

If at anytime you have questions regarding the program or need additional assistance in redeeming codes, please contact customerservice@isourcingusa.com. In the subject line, please include the name of the program. 

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